Tuesday, February 10, 2009

His first letter

After a visit to the post office in December 2008 from school, Betu was quite upbeat about writing a letter and posting it in the letterbox. But slowly over the time he forgot it. He would talk about it once in a while and we lazy parents didn't do anything about it. A week ago, when we saw a new letterbox being installed just next to our society entrance, we decided that we should stop being such lazy parents and help him write a letter and also to post it.

Today we finally managed to do it. He wrote a letter to his Dadi-Dadu and then I put a stamp on the envelope and wrote the address. Off he went with his papa to drop it in the letter box on the way to school.

I forgot to click a pic before sealing the envelope but this is what he wrote:
Since he is not very comfortable with lower case letters, he wrote it all in uppercase. I was telling him the spellings and he kept writing them down. But for his name, I didn't have to spell it out. He knows how to spell his name just perfectly.

Now I'm just waiting to see the excitement of Betu when his Dadi-Dadu will call up to talk to him when they receive the letter.


Swati said...

Thats so so cute ! I would love to see a pic of that letter.

Swaram said...

So sweet that he wanted to write a letter when it has even been forgotten there's something like a Letter or a Post Office.

Mama - Mia said...


maybe dadi-dadu should write back to him rather than call and talk about it! :)

my grandmom and me used to write to each other pretty regularly when iw as litle older! :)



Monika,Ansh said...

Aww........that's a great time u all did nm :)

Priyanka said...

Wrote a Letter..Thats cute!
The last time I wanted to send a letter to my grandparents, I sent an email to my mom, asked her to get a print out of it and post it to my grandma :) The Internet sure has made us all lazy :P

Monika said...

that is so adorable

PG said...

wow! wonderful that he can aleady spell his name. He's not even five.
what a good thing to do with him. I think this is a good age to do it with him now.