Friday, May 1, 2009

Letter to dear brother Aryan

Anirudh wrote this letter and posted it to his younger brother Aryan on April 28 as you can see from the picture. I told him the spellings while he wrote the words down.

After he was done writing it, he took out his Mickey Mouse sticker sheet and pasted one sticker saying "Aryan ko achha lagega."

He is now eagerly waiting to talk to Aryan when Aryan opens it. But it will be another 3-4 days since they are traveling and shall be back only by Monday.

It reminds me of our younger days when we would also write to our cousins and post letters. I don't remember when I last wrote a letter by hand and posted it. It must have been good 4-5 years.


Anonymous said...

Sweet. Is that Anirudh's first letter?

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww....sweet. We used to write so many letters to friends during has changed our lives.

Neera said...

aaahh..brought back such lovely memories ..i am glad u r introducing him to postal mail so early on.