Saturday, January 30, 2010


His love for rainbows started about 7-8 months ago and it still contniues. In almost all the drawings he will draw a rainbow. If you remember, he drew that even in the birthday card he drew for me 2 months ago.

Here are the three paintings he did today and all of them have different kinds of rainbows :)

Finger painting

This is an interesting one..he first dabbed some paints on the sheet and then folded it thrice so that the paints would merge with each other.

This one he painted using an icecream stick

I loved all of these Betu! You are 'amazing'! :)


DDmom said...

You definitely have a budding artist in your hands :)

Swati said...

amazing ..he is super talented

Neelum said...

What creativity !!! Amazing !!
Love to the budding artist :)

Life Begins said...

O WOW...those are just awesome...please get them framed .... tooo good.