Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dil mein do laddoo phoote

Yesterday Betu came to me and said "Mumma, dil mein do laddoo phoote!"

I looked at him blankly and he giggled. He again repeated it and with a confused look on my face I asked him "Kya?" And he handed me this in my hand - a pack of Cadbury dairy milk shots -

And then proceeded to tell me that this is the byline shown in the ads for this chocolate and that the chocolate is shaped like a 'laddoo' and there are two bits of it in a pack and that is why he said "dil mein do laddoo phoote"  :)

Mera cutie pie!


Swati said...

HAHAHAHH...aapko tension ho gayi hogi :)

Life Begins said...

LOL....am sure aapke dil mein bahut se laddoo phoote hongay chocolate dekh ke :)

That was soooooo cute :)

Anonymous said...

hehehe so sweet!