Friday, February 12, 2010

His take on our financial status

A while ago, me and Betu were playing pretend play and I was a shopkeeper and he a customer. 'So after he had bought stuff from me, I asked him to pay. He replied that he didn't have any money. I then asked him to call his mom and dad to bring money. His response - "Mere papa mummy ke paas koi paise nahi hain. Woh hamesha bank card se samaan khareedte!" ("My papa-mummy don't have any money. They always pay by bank cards.") He was referring to credit card when he said bank card).

Any comments anyone? I had nothing to say when I heard him saying that.


Swati said...

hahhahahah...hoohohooh..ROFL !!

He is so cute and innocent !!

Danny De los Reyes said...
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Danny De los Reyes said...

I can only say that kids are awesome!

PG said...

hee hee hee!