Friday, February 12, 2010

Visit to Post Office

Yesterday Betu had gone to Post Office from school and afterwarsd they went to Lodhi Garden for picnic.

So when I was asking him to detail out hat all he saw in the post office, he told me they saw the stamps, the boxes where they sort the letteres for different places, letter boxes, the sacks in which the letters come to post office an also about the stamp/seal that is put at the post office on the stamps for date and location of the post office.

He added that its the same post office that they had gone to when he was in Nursery class and asked me "Kya sirf ek hi post office hai yahan?" Baar baar usi post office mein le jaate hain." (Is there only one post office here? They take us to the same one again and again.)

me and hubby had such a good laugh at his observation. I then told him that since that post office is close to Lodhi garden, that is why they take you to that post office.

Edited to add:
All the kids had posted a letter to the parents from the post office and he has been eagerly waiting for it to arrive.


MindfulMeanderer said...

LOL!! The questions they ask!!! :)

brocasarea said...

he didnt get any stamps for free?:)

Swati said...

hehehhe..he is a smarty !

So why no details abt picnic ?