Monday, July 16, 2007

"Aap theek ho?"

Yesterday while driving down somewhere, DH had to brake hard all of a sudden. So I guess I must have said "Oops..dhyan se" to hubby. So once we all had regained our composure, Betu asked me "Mumma aap theek ho?" Me and DH were so awed at his concern. I said "Haan main theek hoon" and sat smiling, immersed in thoughts like "He's such a pyaru" and didn't ask him how he was. So after few seconds he said on his own "Main bhi theek hoon!"

Me and DH felt so bad that he asked us how we are but we didn't even think of asking him. So DH promptly asked him "Aap bhi theek ho na?" to which he smiling replied "Haan main theek hoon. Thank you!"

We were now even more awed at how he said 'Thank you' that we asked him for his well being! He definitely is such a pyaru betu!

But on second thoughts looking at him talking like such matured lil man makes me cry out loud as he's growing up too soon!!


Swati said... are truly blessed with a sweet heart. Uski nazar utarna aaj.

noon said...

First time here...very sweet - how he asked you...
He looks very cute...nice how you have set it up like an album with pages that flip open...

WhatsInAName said...

awwww... so sweet.
At times like these, I get a feeling that they love us much more than we love them !!! And I end up feeling so guilty.

~nm said...

Swati : There are times when I don't feel so blessed :P

Noon : Thanks. I love it too and its quite easy to make.

WIAN : Ohh yes! I also think so quite often that they love us more than we do!