Monday, July 30, 2007

Play-Doh and his clay models!

Anirudh has been fond of clay models ever since we introduced them to him. He got his first set of 'play-dohs' and the activity table along with from his Nanu as his first b'day gift. However, it was only when he was quarter to 2 that I assembled it and let him play with the doughs. He just loved them.

We however would keep an eye to ensure he doesn't eat them them. He never did eat them though. Nor even showed any tendencies to do so anyways. But who knew he would make a small ball of it and put it inside his nostrils! *rolling my eyes*. Yes he did that. And when he felt uneasy after putting it inside his nose, he came to me pointing to his nose. I as usual thought he is pointing at the booger inside the nose, so I just wiped it and sent him away. He came again after few seconds and pointed to his nose again. I again wiped it and sent him away. However, this time I happened to see something pinkish in the tissue that I had used to wipe it. Its a habit that I usually look at the tissue after I wipe his nosey :P But this habit turned up useful that eventful day. So I called him back to see what made that pink thing appear. And when I looked inside his nose, I could see the small piece of bright pink stuck way inside his nostril.

We, myself and DH, got nervous and tried hard for him to blow his nose. He tried but it didn't help. I tried to put pressure in the top of his nose thinking maybe it will push that piece down but it wasn't helping. I wanted to try pulling it out with the hairpin but he was squirming so much that we decided not to lest we hurt him. So with nothing working we called his pead (it was a Sunday) apologised for calling him on a Sunday and told him the whole situation. He told us to take him to the emergency at the nursing home. Hearing the word 'emergency' made us even more nervous despite us knowing what the meaning of emergency section is. Parents that we are! :D

So we got ready and just before going out I just made him try to blow his nopes once again! And when he did, it came out "plop" in the tissue. *Whew*..what a relief it was. That day itself all the doughs were packed up and kept away for a few days. Yes only for few days because he would insist so much for them that we gave in but made sure someone would play with him whenever it was 'play doh' time. However, soon we noticed that his bronchitis allergy would get aggravated every time he would play with them continuously day after day. So eventually they were all packed or given away.

Recently my sister who lives in Germany sent some other kinds and much smaller in quantity. So we let him play with them after a long lone time. He LOVED them again! And he made these cute (err...maybe not cute) little models from them:

The Monster!

The Dinosaur

The monster he made totally on his own. But with Dino I had to help him out in making the legs and the trimmings on the back.


Edited to add : The 'Monster' was not supposed to be a monster in the first place. He was trying to copy a goat from one of his books. But when he completed it he said "Mumma, yeh to goat nahi hai. Yeh to monster hai!" :D


Swati said...

Ohh ..i can imagine the situation ..the word emergency is as it is scary and if its your kid ..:O

The dino is super cute !!

PG said...

Here in Germany, a very poular recipe of play dough is made at home, for same reasons as they fear allergies and stuff. Although there is one ingredient which ones needs to buy at a Pharmacy. Let me find out what it means in English (Allaun). As I haven't heard it before. I guess it helps preserve the dough. The ingredients are nothing but flour, salt, water and allaun. You would need to store the dough in the fridge. Will give you the recipe soon.

Mystic Margarita said...

I can imagine how scary it must have been. Thankfully, everything was fine. The play dough creations are real cute :)

Asha said...

This 'putting in the nose' business is definitely something all children seem to enjoy and it's so scary. Good that nothing serious happened. The creations came out well.

Just Like That said...

Thank God nothing went wrong. The monster is good, and the Dino is cute. Makes me think I need to get Sonny boy's Playdoh out of hiding.

Moppet's Mom said...

Ah, kids... they'll always find new ways to get in trouble. Glad it ended up fine. And the monster IS cute! :-)

Fuzzylogic said...

Wow,loved the Dino!The play- doh up the nose was scary but glad you finally managed to wrestle it out. I once had managed to get a rubber band up my nose as a child (I can only imagine how my kid is going to fare)which had to be removed later on only by the ENT surgeon. The parenting fun never stops ,does it?:)

~nm said...

@all : Yes it sure was scary. This was more than a year ago when he was less than 2 years.

Even I liked the Dino a lot. But the sad part is Dino didn't survive too long. He was crushed and mashed and patted into a 'roti' soon after :D

WhatsInAName said...

Oh well... reminds me of the times when each time a small part was missing from the toy set, I used to frantically examine my kids nose and ears etc :)

We really have to watch like a hawk