Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pyajama Fashion Show

We had a in house fashion show today - it was the pyajama fashion show! :D

I was working in the kitchen preparing lunch when I hear betu saying "Mumma yeh kaisa lag raha hai?" I turn around and see he has changed into pyajamas from shorts which he I had put on him along with his pair of slippers. I asked him as to why did he change and he said "Woh geela ho gaya tha!". I thought well and good. Now he can change into fresh clothes himself.

5 mins later he comes back again with a different pair of pyajama and asks me again "Mumma yeh kaisa lag raha hai?" I couldn't help laughing and just said "Achha hai!" Thinking that was the end of it was the biggest mistake. In the next 10 mins, all of the pyajamas he has had been tried on before he finally decided which one he wanted to wear and went off to watch his cartoon sprawled up on the couch using with his 'Onju' (The pillow is in the shape of an orange and he calls it onju) pillow!

Relaxing on the couch watching cartoons!


Swati said...

ahhahaha..extremely hilarious. Lying down like his papa ..:D

~nm said...

Swati : yes those were my thoughts exactly.."just like his papa" :D

WhatsInAName said...

I see a fashion parade everyday! I have girls na lol