Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Laptop baby!

Anirudh has always been quite an observer even as a few months young baby. So he would pick up things/actions/words and would often leave us surprised! Proudly surprised that is! :D If you know what I mean :)

But when he learned to use the laptop - not the laptop as in whole but he figured out how to switch it on and insert his DVDs (and they would play automatically) we were quite surprised, awed and worried all at the same time. I'm sure some of you will say being surprised and awed is fine but why worry? Well, we worried for the laptop :P Lest he damages it in his moments of curiosities and trying to do things with it.

How he learnt it seemed obvious to us. By observing our actions. And he learnt how to minimise, pause, stop and select the options in the DVD menu using the touch pad in the laptop yet again by observing us. I somehow managed to click a pic of him working at the laptop (somehow because he doesn't allow us to click him without his permission :P)

In this picture he's coloring up 'James', a character from Thomas and his friends.

So now the time has come when all he needs us to place the laptop at his desired place and this too because he's been strictly told not to pick up the laptop on his own at all! Rest he manages to do it on his own. And he doesn't like any interference in anything! He HAS to do all by himself!

Its amazing to see the ease with which he works with the laptop. Really really amazing. Whenever I tell such feats about him to his Nanu, his Nanu says "Yeh ikkiswee sadi ke bachhe hain!" (These are the children of the 21st century!) :D


Kodi's Mom said...

that is sharp!!

so we can expect a blog from him soon?!

Asha said...

Wow, impressive!!

Fuzzylogic said...

Wow,its true the kids these days are way more smarter!!

Swati said...

WOW ..amazing ..!! Anirudh, I need some lessions please !!

Just Like That said...

yeah, my Mom says soon, Sonny boy will know more than her about computers!

But amazing that Anirudh can colour on the laptop- quite dexterous fingers.. but then, guess he takes after his Mom.

Suki said...

That's a cool one!

Yup, I remember playing Solitaire on Mom's laptop when I was four too. The rate at which this one's going, he'll be playing 3D games in a year!
Good luck with the game-DVD supply. :muhahahahaha:

~nm said...

Kodi's Mom! : Hahahaha...I guess you can as soon as he figures out his alphabets :D

Swati : :D

JLT: But if you notice the laptop screen, he has painted the entire image with red!

Suki : How young are you now to be playing games on laptop at the age of 4? Now let me think when did the laptops come out?? *scratching my head...*