Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thank you God for giving me such a loving child!

Yesterday I reached home late from work. Around 8:30 PM. So when I entered the house, Anirudh came running to me and hugged me saying "Mumma aa gayee!" And he kept telling his papa "Papa, Mumma aa gayee!" till his Papa said "Haan!" He must have repeated it about 4-5 times and showered me with the kisses.

He wouldn't even let me go to take off my office footwear or change into home clothes. He just wanted me to sit there. Whereas I just wanted to sit in the room quietly as I was having a terrible migraine since afternoon. But I played along as long as I could. He wanted to paint, so we painted couple of things. Then he wanted to watch Bob the Builder with me. So while he was sitting on my lap and watching it, I fed him roti and subzi. And by the time I finished feeding him his dinner I was all ready to crash in the bed.

So I went to the bedroom, changed and lied down. So he came to me with his box of puzzles and we made them together. This box has 4 puzzles of a Zebra, Tiger, Panda and Kangaroo. By mistake I told him "Lion waala banate hain!" He goes "Lion nahi hai. Yeh to Tiger hai!" :D

So after we finished with them, I told him "Mumma tabiyat theek nahi hai. Aap Papa ke saath khel lo" So he puts his hand on my head and says "Aap Ninni kar lo. Main udhar khelunga" I almost died seeing him so concerned about me.

And to top this, when I woke him up today morning, after cuddling with me for about 10 mins he asks me "Aapki tabiyat theek ho gayee?"

What more can a parent ask for is what I thought. A loving, caring and a concerned child!


PG said...

Pyaru, meeeeeeeethu Anirudh!He deserves tons of puchchas!

Squiggles Mom said...

oh that's so sweet

Swati said...

He makes me speechless ...

Suki said...

aww! You have a great relationship going with your son... I pray that it continues. :)