Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meaning of 'sorry'

The other day Anirudh did some badmashi and I told him to say 'sorry' to me. He did say it but in a loud disinterested tone. Which obviously showed that he actually didn't feel sorry.

So when I told him "Jab aap sorry bolte ho uska matlab hota hai ki aap dubara nahi karoge. Aur uska matlab hotah ai aapko kharab lag raha hai." (When you say sorry it means you will not do it again and that you are feeling bad).

Hearing to this he waved his hands and nodded his head in negative and said "Nahi, mujhe kharab nahi lag raha. Meri tabiyat to theek hai!"

I was just so speechless as to what to tell him and how to make him understand what sorry meant. But at the same time I was quite amused how he perceived what I was trying to tell him. Shows that am not a good teacher when it comes to explaining things :


Swati said...

Also shows how logical he is :)
When I read your posts , everytime, I imagine myself in your shoes and Aryan as Anirudh and how will I do. Ahhh ..sometimes i am surprised at how well you handle and sometimes I am scared at how will I handle.Sometimes I wonder if I would actually do half of what you do. You give me butterflies all the time ..you know ?

~nm said...

Oh come on Swati. I'm sure you will do a great job.

And don't get fooled into the idea that I do tons. I don't! Really!