Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some funny incidents from yesterday

Incident 1:
Me and Betu were driving back home after picking him up from his daycare. If anyone has been to the East Of Kailash area on the road that goes in front of the ISKCON temple, they will know how narrow it is with one-third of the road used for parking cars and how many Rickshaws that ply on it.

So as I was driving, a rickshaw came in front of our car and he didn't seem to be in any mood to give way. So I started honking. I had to literally honk 10 times before he gave way. And as we passed that rickshaw by, Betu looks out and waves his hand out the window at the rickshaw-wallah and angrily said "Problem kya hai?" (What's your problem). I was just so astonished at his reaction and had to tell him that he's not supposed to say like that. In response to which he goes "Woh theek se nahi chala raha tha" (He was not driving properly). I told him that still you are not to talk like that. He said "OK" and the topic got closed.

I tried to think from where he must have learnt this and realised when DH gets angry at Betu, he sometimes uses these lines. But it surely amused me how logically he applied these lines to a totally different scenario. And I had to tell hubby that he needs to be VERY careful of what he speaks in front of Anirudh


Incident 2:
Yesterday was the day 2 of my migraine which usually lasts 3 days when its bad. And I usually like to sip on to some fizzy drink during my migraine. So as I sat sipping my limca, Betu comes to me and says "Aap coldrink pi rahe ho?"(You are having a cold drink?) and I said "Yes". then he says "Maine to nahi piya" (I didn't get any) to which I replied "Bachhe nahi peetey"(Kids are not supposed to drink them). And he points at himself and replies "Bachhe ne to nahi piya!" (The kid didn't have any).

I literally burst out laughing hearing him. And I just could not resist hugging him.


Incident 3:
Yesterday at night I was again trying to make him understand the meaning of sorry again. So I started by putting his hand on his chest where the heart is and told him this is your heart. And its the heart which gets upset and then you cry when you don't like something. And that you need to say sorry from the heart and not just like that. All this while I was pointing to his heart. He said OK. I really didn't know how much he understood then.

But after 30 minutes he did something and I looked at him angrily. So instantly he said sorry in an angry tone. So I asked him "Aise sorry bolte hain?" (This is how you say sorry?) And that is when he remembered our earlier conversation and points his finger at his heart and said "Sorry!"

And I just smiled, hugged him and told him "Pyaru se sorry bolte hain" (You say sorry in a soft voice) and sent him his way to carry on with whatever he was doing. And that's when I realised that he will take some more time to understand the meaning of sorry :)


Swati said...

Funny and sweet ..:)

Men will be men ..getting frustrated on road for the traffic ....

Squiggles Mom said...

An action packed day huh!

Kodi's Mom said...

the things they pick up from you, it is scary!
abt sorry - so cute how he pointed to his heart :)

Stone said...

"Bachhe ne to nahi piya!"

This blog is an excellent day-starter for me :-)

WhatsInAName said...

Atleast he is ready to say sorry lol... these days kids have a huge ego!