Sunday, August 19, 2007

Deciding the food menu!

Recently Anirudh tells me very clearly what he wants to eat and he doesn't like it when I do not make the same thing. His choice varies from Upma to poha, to kakore (pakore) and today in the morning he demanded for 'chhole puri'. Since that requires chhole to be soaked for atleast 6-8 hours I told him I will make it in the evening.

In the evening when I was preparing the chhole, he came and asked me "Aap kya kar rahe ho?" When I told him I'm making chhole puri for you, he, in the most comical way, licks his lips and does a nice big slurp! Hahahaha..

This is a new habit which he has learnt whenever he gets to know of something being cooked or offered which he likes. And it gives me such a pleasure to see him appreciating my cooking!! :D


Swati said...

What more can a Mom ask for ..btw ..even I am slurping ..Can I also get some :P

Just Like That said...

I think I can slurp better than Anirudh... can I also? get some? Chole puris?

~nm said...

Swati & JLT: Ofcourse, come on over! And I'll make loads for you! :D