Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Proud to show off his assessment sheet!

Yes! I'm a proud Mommy! Very proud! We had a PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) on September 8, 2007 and we were shown his assessment sheet for the month of August! My little boy has fared amazingly well. The sheet boasts of 'A' and 'A+' completely except for English Conversation where he was graded as 'B+'. Since in their grades chart even 'B' stands for 'Adequate', so no concerns on that part too!! Its not his fault as such. I mostly talk to him in Hindi and even if I speak with him English and he replies to me in Hindi, I never tried to make him say it in English. But he surely likes to use English when he gets angry. He repeats what I say when I'm angry such as "No talking to you!", "Stand in the corner!", "No toffee, no chocolate for Mumma!" etc etc. :D

Anyhow, seeing his grades in the sheet made me so happy! Although for a moment I thought "Come on..he's not even in class I. This is just a preschool assessment" But I just waived off this thought and said "So what!" Him doing so well in any level is as good as it can be and every parent should be proud of their child's achievement however big or small it may be!

Frankly I was not really knowing he would fare this well because whenever I would do alphabets with him, he would just jumble them all up and not say them all correctly. But his teacher told us that he never falters there in the class leaving me " o.....k......a.......y" and wondering if at home its me taking his test or is the other way round?

So here's the Mumma proudly showing off the pic of her son's assessment sheet displayed for all to see and applaud!


DotMom said...

YAY!!!! Good job, Anirudha!

ddmom said...

wow! Filled with A and A+. Way to go Anirudh!

Swati said...

WOW , WOW ,WOW ..*collar up* for Mumma and Betu.

Did you notice a fact that stands out from the sheet , he is extremely confident and social child.

I think thats the only key to success today :)

~nm said...

@all : Thanks! :D

Just Like That said...

Clap clap clap!!! Hugs to bright little Anirudh! :-)

WhatsInAName said...

I am late but still my congratulations and wheres the celebrations?

Nisha said...

Mommies are so crazy, in a good way. I know how you feel, probably I'll also act like that only. But then the brat's school doesn't have assessment sheets to publish in a blog :(