Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some tid bits of Anirudh-Talks!

Tidbit 1:
Yesterday night when the cook came to tell me she's done with her work, Betu who was sitting by my side, told her in these exact words "Didi, ab lautna nahi. Kal subah aana!" :D

She was so amused with his response and so were we! So the maid replied back to him "Nahi, main to aaj yahin rahungee." So he tells her "Nahi. Aap apne ghar jayo. Main apne ghar mein hoon na? Aap bhi apne ghar jayo."

Tidbit 2:
Yesterday night when hubby changed into night clothes, he didn't wear the T-shirt over his vest and shorts. As soon as Betu noticed this he goes "Papa T-shirt to pahno. Dekho, maine bhi pahni hai na? Mumma ne bhi pahni hai na? Aap bhi pahno" :D DH had no choice but to say "Ok" and to go and wear it.

The way he applies our style of dealing with him back on us is just amazing!

Tidbit 3:
Today morning while I was dressing up Betu after his bath, the cook asked me if she needs to cook anything for know anything for his breakfast. To which I replied saying "No." Betu immediately looks at me with such a sad face and asks "Aap mere liye kuchh nahi banayoge?"

I was so surprised at his question and told him "Banayenge. Zaroor banayenge. Par Mumma banayegi. Didi nahi banayegi." In response to which he hugged me and said "Thank you Mumma!"

Tidbit 4:
Lately whenever he does something nice whether its painting or coloring or making up puzzles I usually say 'Awesome'. And he surely likes hearing that word. So ever since he realised its a positive word which means the same as 'good job' he wants me to say it every time to him.

Once I didn't notice what he had done as my attention was towards something else. So he comes up to me and says "Mumma! Main awesome ho raha hoon!" :D


Squiggles Mom said...

Quite talkative isn't he? And speaks so respectfully... aap etc. Well done nm?

Just Like That said...

I too am taken with the way he phrases his sentences so correctly. :-)
Has he gotten his genders correct now? ;-) You were worried about that some time back?

~nm said...

Squiggles Mom: Yes, that way I feel proud of him too. We always taugh thim to use 'aap' even if its for a younger baby. And we ourselves have talked to him using 'aap' since the beginning leaving a few times when we tend to use 'tu' also.

~nm said...

JLT: Yes, we also noticed that. The sentences he speaks are just perfect. makes us feel even more proud. And yes, after the one big 'daant' he says it correctly 99% of the times. :D

Swati said...

AWESOME !!!! Anirudh you are always AWESOME.

Good job on Papa and Cook.

Stone said...

Loved the last one!!!

Kodi's Mom said...

he's cute! and yes, a chatterbox sounds like it...a well mannered one :)

PG said...

so very cute! Meethu Anirudh! A very smart boy!
lots of love from mausi