Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wow! Its so beautifooool!

Whenever Anirudh finds something nice appearance wise whether its food or a picture or just about anything, this is how he describes it "Beautifooool!" And its so funny hearing him say it. Its obvious that he's picked it from me because I know I use this word quite often. I've tried to correct him to say it in the right way but no luck as yet. But I also know that he will learn soon. Its just the matter of practicing with him.

I've had to work on his pronunciations quite a bit as far as talking in English goes. Especially the alphabet 'S' when used with 'T' or 'K' or 'C'. For e.g he used to pronounce 'Star' as 'tar', 'Stick' as 'tick', 'Scooter' as 'cooter'.

So I had to first make him say 'Ssssssss" and slowly he started to say it almost right. So now 'Star' is "Ssstar' and 'Scooter' is 'Ssscooter' :D

Now the other problem area is saying 'Sh' and 'Z'. He pronounces 'Sh' as 'Ss' and 'Z' as 'Jed'. Therefore 'Shape' is 'Ssape' and 'Zebra' is 'Jebra'

I'm sure with a bit of practice he can say it right. But it is so funny seeing him the way he pronounces things right now :)


Swati said...

Sooooooo Shweeeet...Beautifoooooooool post :)

Suki said...

aww, choo cute!

keep us posted!