Saturday, November 3, 2007

Expecting conversation in return of a conversation!

Today morning as Anirudh and myself walked towards our local market to get milk and some other stuff, he was talking all the way to me. And I don't remember what exactly I was thinking but I know I wasn't listening to him as such and going 'hmm' every time he would say something. After a minute he asks me in a little irritated tone "Aap baar baar hmm kyun kare rahe ho?" (Why are you saying hmm again and again) and aped me by saying it multiple times himself "Hmmm...hmmm....hmm..." :D

It was so funny looking at him doing that. But realised that now he wants full attention whenever he talks to us and he can't be taken for a ride by just saying anything. He realises and understands very well when we are actually listening to him or not. So now it has to be a conversation in return of a conversation always!

And when he talks, you HAVE to listen to him immaterial of how important thing you must be doing. This incident will tell you what I mean. If me and DH or any two people are talking to each other and he's saying something in between, he was told to say "Excuse me" long back. Must have been more than a month since I taught him that. So now if I'm in deep conversation with anybody in person, he will keep repeating "Excuse me" till we actually stop our conversation and listen to him. So just try and imagine a small child going on and on like a stuck record saying "Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me...." Hehehe..funny isn't it?

And that's not it. If he has already said these magic words 4-5 times and we are still not responding to him he gets really angry and on the top of his voice will shout. "Main excuse me bol raha hoon. Aap meri baat kyun nahi sun rahe?" (I'm saying excuse me. Why are you not listening to me?). He definitely is a grown up little boy now!

Somehow all this reminds me of a song in Hindi that went something like this "Chhota bachha jaan kar humko na bahlana re.." hehehe...

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