Saturday, November 3, 2007

He's soooo funny!

Just now, 30 seconds ago, I scolded him when I turned around from the comp to see he had emptied his CD case and strewn over all the DVDs over the bed. I was furious. And he got a big scolding from me for doing that. When I scolded him he said "par aapne to bola tha ki main wahan rakh loon" (But you had told me that I can keep them there). And then I remembered that a minute ago he had asked me if he can keep the CD case on the bed and I had said OK for that. So I told him I had said that to keep the case as it is and not take out the DVDs. So I told him sternly again to put the DVDs back in the case. The moment I turned back my head to look at the monitor to carry on what I was doing I hear him say to himself "Kitni Mumma daanti hai!" (Mumma scolds so much). I had to control my laughter lest he gets easy. :D

And just now he came to showing me the case saying he has put all the DVDs back inside. And as I asked him to show it to me by opening he immediately ran away with the case saying "nahi..." (no..) which means he has not put the DVDs back in each slot but has just zipped the case by dumping them inside and now doesn't want me to see that lest to get another big scolding. Oh boy! He's becoming such a brat day by day!

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PG said...

He is such a Darling! You have all the reasons to be proud of him.