Sunday, November 25, 2007

Funny and amazing at the same time!

His vocabulary and how he talks to others leaves me amazed and laughing all at the same time. He will use words like adults in his sentences that leave you awed with a smile on your face.

He has recently started using the words 'udaas' (sad) and 'yaad' (remembrance) quite often. For e.g when I go to pick him up after school, he will ask me "Aap udaas ho rahe the? Aapko meri yaad aa rahi thi?" (You were feeling sad? You were missing me?) And I just smile and nod.

Then a few days ago he tells me "Hum Nanu ke paas jayenge. Woh udaas hain. Woh betu ko yaad kar rahe hain." (We will go to Nanu. He's sad. He's missing/remembering Betu) :D

And day before yesterday when I was trying to put him to bed and telling him a story, he interrupts me and says "Mujhe Nanmun ki yaad aa rahi hai!" (I'm missing Nanmun) He was referring to his younger cousin who is 1 year 3 months young who went back to Bangalore after Diwali break. I felt so awed at his statement and hugged him and told him that Nanmun had to go to school too and thats why he's gone back. That kind of worked but he still misses him often. And why not as they had lots of fun together. Nanmun would try to kiss Anirudh over and over again. He would be so happy just having Anirudh around and playing together.

And can you imagine a 1 year 3 months young toddler and a 3 year 5 months young boy fighting? It was really so funny looking at them fighting over things and toys. And its not that Anirudh had an upper hand being so much older all the time. He also would take Anirudh by surprise sometimes and that was so hilarious for us to watch.