Monday, July 28, 2008

In Lajpat Nagar there is a small park where there are about 6-7 ducks. And whenever I got to Sabhyata (my one stop shop for 90% of my suits and all) or a store to buy house stuff, he invariably stops to gaze at the ducks.

This time he wanted to touch them and see them up close. But they kept running here and there away from him all the time. Sadly I didn't have any eats that I could give to Betu to lure these ducks. Hopefully next time I will remember to carry some bread crumbs.

Here are some pics of Betu running after the ducks and they running away from him :)


Swati said...


Neera said...

Lajpat Nagar ki photos ..yayyyy!!! Muuuaaahhh !!! Heaven! :)

Where is Sabhyata?

Stone said...

hmmmm......I know I'm sounding darpok here...but be careful next time their beaks can be nasty sometimes.

Monika said...

lovely ducks i didnt know that such ducks still existed in the heart of lajpat nagar... i was aregular shopper in sabhayta till i was in delhi still make sure i go back there when i am visting delhi