Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Talking about girlfriends..already??

Since I was home today I picked up Betu from school. As expected he was mighty pleased grinning from ear to ear. Thats exactly why I had decided to pick him up..to see that jubilation in his face and eyes.

So after we started to drive back home, I generally asked him what all he did in the school and who all he played with. He started telling the names Yukta, Ananya, Indraveer, Samar and he told me the name of one more boy which I have forgotten. As I went "hmm" he asked me said something which left me stumped. He said "Yukta meri girlfriend hai" After that he went mum and so did I as I was trying to gather myself up after hearing this piece of information! But he continued to leave me even more stumped by asking "Aapko Yukta achhi lagti hai ya fir Ananya?" I kind of figured where he was heading towards and was trying to see if I answer back what he wants to hear. He has always been talking about this friend 'Yukta' ever since he started going to this formal school. When I tired to tell him I've met Yukta but not Ananya how can I say who do I like better. But he kept insisting me to answer. So I replied "Both".

Now it was his turn to be stumped and he asked me further "Par meri ek hi to girlfriend ho sakti hai na. Isliye aap batayo ki Yukta ki Ananya." Since I knew he wanted me to take the name of Yukta I deliberately answered back "Ananya".

How I wish I had the words to describe his face expressions then. It was a mix of disappointment and that of pondering and of confusion. He in a very flat tone said "Achha..to theek hai." And after a silence of few seconds he said "Meri dono girlfriends hain" leaving me grinning. Finally I asked him "Girlfriend kya hoti hai aapkot pata hai?" He proceeded to tell me "Jaise papa aapke girlfriend hain aur aap Papa ki, waise Yukta meri girlfriend hai." I literally felt earth moving beneath my feet wondering who the hell told him this. And when I posed this same question to him he replied back in a matter-of-fact tone "Kisi ne nahi. Mujhe pata hai".

After that we got talking about something different and I was glad about it. Because I didn't know what to talk to him about the subject further. I had drawn a blank thinking how can a 4 year old possibly know about the fundamentals revolving around a 'girlfriend' and a 'boyfriend'. And I'm still wondering with no clue of how this piece of information has reached his teeny weeny brain.

But at the same time its telling me I need to gather up my act and know each and everything that he knows about and talk to him more and more. Coz I should know what all he has stored up there in his head.


Swati said...

Well , I don't really know what to say. If I was you , probably I would have told him that all the GIRLS who are FRIENDS are girl friends. But then I am not sure as to what argument it would have lead to. Kids these days know way too much.

DotThoughts said...

Its starting ~nm :) He prlly sees it on the TV or in moviers and infers. I would say just let it be. Its amusing. You don't have to explain anything :) In a few years he will be in the girls-are-yucky stage!

Rohini said...

Whoa! Is that what's lurking around the corner for me just a year away?! Scary!!

PG said...

ha ha ha! I find that just too cute! In a way I should not be so surprised, knowing his high social intelligence. But, then, they do not percieve things like we do. he's much too innocent. So, don't worry and enjoy! :)

Monika&Ansh said...

Lol........children are too smart these days. I do not think that u should be worried. They hear this from other kids in school & just pick up.
Ansh has gone a step further & decided that he wants to marry a particular girl in his class....lol.

Mama - Mia said...

well by the time i was 7 shortlisted three guys in my class! i remember their names even now! and then i decided on one because he was maharashtrian!

now i dont even know where all those guys are!! hehe!

so dontcha worry! am sure when it ACTUALLY comes down to finding the right woman, he wont even ask ya!! :p

hugs to him!



ps: why have you disappeared from my blog?! :(

~nm said...

Swati: if he could relate girlfriend and boyfriend with my relationship with Hubby I wonder if that statement would have held good.

DotThoughts: I wonder if he saw that in any Tom & Jerry cartoons coz thats all he watches these days!

Rohini: Yeah..I just didn't know teenage stuff comes this early now a days!

PG: I'm not worrying about his talking about girlfriend! I was worrying more about that I didn't know that he knew this funda! So I should know what else does he know about different things!

Monika: Hehehe..I wonder if Anirudh would even ask me by the time he actually needs to decide on a girl in his life :D

Abha: Yeah..I'm sure he will not even ask me my opinion then! And yaar..not disappeared..work has been so hectic lately that my blogging has also become so scarce (in case you guys noticed :P)

Preethi said...

hahaha... enjoy the humor in it.. these kids just have too much exposure.. They dont have to watch TV, I recently found out that when I am watching TV and Cheeky is playing in the next room he still hears and picks up stuff from what is going on! Also I found out sometime back that 3 and 4 yr olds talk about a lot more than we think!

Stone said...

Ahh.. I like his one-girlfriend at a time funda :-)

Subhashree said...

:) I think kids grow even while we are sleeping... I'm stumped how kids think up such things. Lol.

Suki said...

Omigosh, they grow up so fast!