Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hair cut!

Although this post is about a hair cut which usually is a regular affair unlike this time when Anirudh decided to take matters in his own hands.

If you are guessing what has happened I am sure all of you are thinking what it is. Yes he snipped off a lock of his hair one afternoon when he was home with his Dadi and Ma-Pa were away at work.

Little did he know that saving these cut up lock of hair to show off as an achievement would actually backfire on him. Because when he showed me the cut up hair I got angry! And he in a very heartbroken tone and a crestfallen face said "Maine to socha tha ki aap bologe good boy. Maine apne aap hair cut kara". I could only smile and hug him then. On asking why did he do so we were answered simply "woh baal bahut udh rahe the na isliye maine cut kar diye". I just sighed and have told him no more such activities to be undertaken which he seems to have agreed but only time will tell.

And it was not so long ago when a friend was talking about a similar incident with her boy and I had heaved a sigh of relief that Anirudh has done nothing like that. I guess I did it a bit too soon!

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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PG said...

oh Boy! That frightens me, this thought of Rishab picking up the scissors and cutting his hair on his own.

Maybe you could tell him that the next time he wants to do something like that, he should tell you, so that he does it together with you and not alone.

brocasarea said...

reminds me of my first shave:)

Mama - Mia said...


he has SUCH an indepedent streak in him!! glad he didnt hurt himself!!



Monika said...

oh my gosh this is scary... take care of him

Monika,Ansh said...

So I guess it happens to everybody. WElcome to the group.:)
& Aren't their reasins for doing it really cute.

Preethi said...

lol.. I know its scary that he took matters in his own hands.. but its so cute.. he was just trying to help!! good he did not hurt himself!

Suki said...

Phew, glad he didn't hurt himself. I think I had the "cut-my-hair" thing when I was older, about 10 or 12. This is the first time I'm talking about it :P, and by then my hair was at least halfway down my back and I was old enough to handle scissors!
Incidentally, I know someone who thinks the easiest way to fix a bad hair day is to cut off the locks that stick out. He entered college this year. Some never grow up, naa?

Jayashree said...

Thank God he didn't hurt himself. It's still really cute, though, that he saved up the cut hair to show you :-)