Saturday, September 13, 2008

His first visit to my office

Today I had to come to work for a few hours. Yeah on a Saturday :( and since his daycare is not open on Saturdays I had to bring him along. He was mighty excited and said "yeh idea to bahut achha hai!" :) and then he added in a solemn voice that I have not shown him my new office till now.

So here he is, along with the laptops and his DVDs thoroughly enjoying his visit. All the people are coming up to meet him and he got so flustered and asked "sab log milne kyun aa rahe hain baar baar?" right in front of one person who had come to say hello to him. :D

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Monika,Ansh said...

Hey , that's great. Glad Anirudh enjoyed himself.

& here I am , attending office every Saturday. Yes, we have a 6 day week....sob sob!!

brocasarea said... he playing games???

PG said...

sweeeeeet! Mera bhanja jo hai, bahi. :)
Monika, you are living in Kolkatta, come on. Do something about it;)

Preethi said...

looks like fun!! :)

Swati said...

LOL at the last line :) He is a sweet heart :)

Monika said...

i am sure he had fun... in my previous company we used to have something called a family day all parents will bring their kids along and all of them used to have such a blast

Mama - Mia said...


i remember going to my mom's office and typinmg an essay on her typewriter while evryone fawned over me!! what fun! :)



karmickids said...

It is one of the high points of a childs life isnt it? For the brat too, coming to office means he's the bees knees with the rest of the staff at his beck and call, chocolates on demand and general wholesale pampering....