Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"I can't hear you" mode

This is the mode that Anirudh has been in since the past month. Or is it "I don't want to listen to you" mode? Whatever it may be but it irritates the hell out of me and hubby. I guess more for me coz I'm the one who deals with him most of the time.

You keep telling him something and repeat it over and over again and he will just turn a deaf ear to you. And when you yell at him, the tears will start rolling and the most pleading and emotional "sorry mumma" is voiced. Trust me it takes lot of will to not melt down on hearing him saying such "sorry".

I know its a trick these kids play on us. The emotional fool trick. And we always almost fall for it.

He has been demanding us to buy him a new toy almost every other day. And out come major tantrums if we say "no" or say "We just bought you a toy on so and so day". We have started ignoring him and sometimes it works and he quietens down and sometimes it goes on for hours and at times he gets a whack from me.

Someone please tell me its a phase!!


Stone said...

Selective hearing huhh..... starting young :-)

Ruchika said...

Do you think he'll like getting some pocket money just for toys every month? He can decide how he wants to spend it. Even Sameer is getting so demanding these days. We also don't always know how to deal with it.

Artnavy said...

at times really difficult- no answers really

i try to tell anush that i am sad and not angry when she throws a fit

Solitaire said...

It is! Hang in there!

Mama - Mia said...

arent they all phases?? somehow one gets over and another one starts!

hope it all works out!



Emaan said...

awesome.. way to go pal..
ur such a brat !

Cuckoo said...

Learning to be a man I guess :) I do hope its a phase and goes away.

- Meera

brocasarea said...

passing phase...!!!

PG said...

Rishab is ditto like him whe it comes to making him listen to us. I know it and i have also been told by his Ot that i have to hold him and make him look at me when i talk to him in such situations, but he looks for a fleeting moment and looks away It can be very frustrating, I know.

AS for toys, pocket money might be a good idea. Or...What would he say if you ask him to return one toy if he wants anoter one.
tell him that it is not good to have too many toys, so you want him to decide what he does not want and then when you have money you wil buy him that or why you don't want to buy it for him at all.
Don't worry, he'll be fine. He is learning. It is surely hard on you too, but we have to go throigh this phase... yes. I can tell you one story from a woman with a 2 year old daughter, whom i met at a course I did. This woman's mother was very very strict, in the sense that she always followed that what she had said and would never give in to her daughters' demands (unjustified), for example. When they grew up she asked her daughters how it was and that she felt quite bad at times for being so strict, but the daughetrs (this woman too) said that they found it totally Ok and that she never felt being treated unjust or bad.
Wait till he grows up and tells you how proud he is of you for not giving in all the time. And the rest we have bear.
And shouldn't he be at least allowed to let his frustration out (in limits agreed)for not getting the toy! :)

Swati said...

Aryan is already following elder bro !

Neera said...

It is a phase ~nm, we'll look at it next year and laugh, hopefully!! :)

I like the pocket money idea too. I have a fiend with a 7 year old boy who gives him 5 cents for just existing/breathing everyday, so that's 35 cents a week and he can earn more by doing well on some test, helping out or generally when he behaves in desirable ways. I really like the idea and though Vansh doesn't yet ask for things/toys but I give him stickers and then after a certain no. of stickers, he gets to watch TV or play on the computer. He has off late started asking for rides in the mall a lot, so we added that he can ask for 25 cents (the ride costs 75 cents) instead of the TV/comp time if he wants the ride more than say once a week or 2 weeks he can use his money.