Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wordless at his questions

We are sitting at the dentist waiting for my turn. Me and Anirudh. He starts to flip the Femina and stops at a picture of an intimately hugging couple. From the picture that shows their bare shoulders he infers they are not wearing any clothes. He asks me why are they sitting like that? I told him they are hugging each other. Just like Mumma hugs him. He further asks me why they are not wearing clothes. I just didn't know what to say so I changed the topic. I caught another patient looking and smiling hearing his questions. And I just smiled back.

I know he is too young to understand the physical relationship so I didn't even try to explain him.

Any ideas anyone?

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Stone said...

tell him...may be they forgot!!

Monika,Ansh said...

I think u did the right thing by changing the topic. What can u tell them at this age ?

Mama - Mia said...


kids can say darnest things indeed!

liked Ston's suggestion!



Cuckoo said...

Oh god. What do you say? Just imagined myself in that position. I think your presence of mind is awesome. Phew! Carry some of his books along the next time perhaps?

Swati said...

hahahah..I liked Stone's suggestion :)

But thats seriously a tough quetion :)

Artnavy said...

gone for wash perhaps??

Priyanka said...

I might have just said "I don't know" :)

PG said...

Now, you can surely try stone's suggestion, but don't expect the same consequence as he describes! :D
He is way too smart, he would question you about each and every detail, rest assured, and the lesser he understand sthe more he will ask. I guess that was in any case asn inappropriate place. I think changing the topic waas the best thing in that situation at least. At home you could be a bit more "daring", but try to make it as simple , think like a child. Which means think what you would say now so that you are prepared next time!
I guess you will be confronted with such questions more ofdten now. Like there is nothing wrong in it if you tell him that they are hugging each other because they love each other or so. About clothe..well like someone above said..you don't know. That is enough for his age, I feel.

Subhashree said...

I generally change subjects when in public. But I try to answer when something like this comes up at home. I guess I'd have said something like, 'it is their way of giving kissie (means fussing and cuddling in brat's mind)'.

DotThoughts said...

am watching this space very closely for ideas. Chip is close behind.

Anonymous said...

HA..wait till you get the how does the baby get into the stomach question I assure you its not far away.

So what I read from parenting books is to reveal age appropriate information. So my 4 yr old will get its a special hug that only mommies and daddies do.
My 9 yr old has a simplified book that talks about the egg and sperm fertalizing but not how its done.

My take on it, is that I want them to learn proper words for everything so the kids kow about penis,vagina(they pronunce it virginia) and breasts. We know these words but should try and not to use them when others are around.

I am telling NM, parenting just gets harder and harder

mynanhipari said...

Me too watching this post for ideas. I guess this kind of questions is not far away for me. Just last week, during some pretend play of hers, Sunu told me I am the prince and she the princess. And then she came and hugged me, I ask why? she says "prince and princess always give big huggie and kissie".