Saturday, April 12, 2008

Feeling upset coz Mumma is not well

I have been having bad cold and cough and feeling slight feverish since yesterday. Moreover hubby is also not in town. So I have been asking him to play on his own and not cuddle with me much lest he catches the virus from me. But Betu just doesn't like it. He is walking around with such a sad face and wants me to play with him or watch TV or his DVDs with him. Every once in a while he will come and hug me, caress my head and ask "Aapki tabiyat theek ho gayee?" and when I will answer in negative he will ask "Aapki tabiyat kaise kharab ho gayee? Aapne thanda paani piya tha?" :)

I have been getting lectures on how to take care of my health every now and then from him. Just because he is not liking me being sick at all! He is such a sweetheart!

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Enigma said...

u really do hav a clever sweetheard kid there... :)

PG said...

That's so sweet of him! Hope it gets better soon!

brocasarea said...

shows his upbringing!

Stone said...

I'm sure thanda paani piya hoga :-)

Take care!!!

Swati said...

Big hug to him :)

Aryan said...

Hope you must have recovered now..with a sweet kid around you..