Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who's teaching whom?

Almost everyday when me and Betu are on the way to his School, we sing songs, or go over the days in a week and sometimes I ask him to tell time by asking him if "big hand is on # and small hand is on #, so what time is it?". And there are times when I ask him to tell me his papa's mobile number which I had made him learn about a month ago. But I keep asking him to say it again once in a while just so that he doesn't forget it.

Today morning, I asked him to tell me what his papa's mobile number was. And as always when he said it correctly I said "Good job! Awesome!" and he was quite pleased with himself.

Now that I felt he remembers it very well, its time I make him learn mine as well. So I said "Betu , ab Mumma ka mobile number botle hain. OK?". He nodded and said "Aap batayo aapka kya number hai?" I slowly told him my number and the moment I finished he goes "Good Job! Awesome!" in a loud voice.

I looked at him utterly surprised and he started to giggle. It clearly meant he was just doing it for fun! An attempt to tease his Mumma in which he completely succeeded! :D


Swati said...

hehehhe... He is so shweet

PG said...

ha..ha..ha! LOL!
Cute! Imagine how boring life would be, if children wouldn't do such things to brighten up our day. :)

Asha said...


Angel... said...

hahaihih thats so swweet..thanks for sharing with us