Tuesday, April 8, 2008

He and his talks...

I realised I had not been posting a lot of things, the funny things, that Anirudh keeps saying off and on. And so many times I literally have to hold my laughter in front of him and there are times when I just can't. And the worst part? I don't remember much of them now :P

Few of his talks that I DO remember are:

Incident 1:
On Sunday he was playing with his Dino that he got from his Shravan Mama on his birthday, which growls and roars like the dinosaurs while swaying its tail and head while walking forwards, and he let it run over the set of my wooden coasters lying on top of the table and thereby knocking them all off to the ground. They fell with such an impact that one of them chipped off. I got angry at him and when I showed him what damage he has done, instead of feeling sorry he tells me "Aap aisee cheez kyun laatey ho main tod deta hoon?" (Why do you get things that I can break?) I had nothing to say after hearing this because as you all know he never faults!


Incident 2:
We both were playing together making various kinds of animal noises. From a pig to a horse to a dog to a cat to a bird to a snake. You name it and were doing it irrespective of the fact that for quite a few animals we were not even near to their actual sounds. Soon after I became a lion, I roared and said "Main tumhe kha jayunga!". He immediately makes such an innocent face and tells me "Arre yeh to main hoon..aapka chhonu!" :D

Incident 3:
He has this very funny habit of trying to smell the aromas (and the not so good ones too) and goes sniffing the air with his nose twitching. Depending on how he likes it or not, he will say "Yeh to gandi khushboo hai!" or "Yeh to achhi Khushboo hai!" We always have such a laugh when he will say "Gandi khusboo". We have tried to tell him so many times that its "budboo" and not "khushboo" but to no avail. We have stopped trying now.

Its so amusing to see him go sniffing into the kitchen when he can smell something nice cooking in there and he will try to guess the dish by its aroma. One day he will say "mujhe rajma ki khusbo aa rahi hai!" or "Mujhe pasta ki khusboo aa rahi hai!". But the funniest part is when he smells something bad, he will keep sniffing it, screwing his nose and say "Ay chhi!"

Incident 4:
Today morning hubby was brushing up his teeth and he was being fidgety. I was in the kitchen and they were out of my purview but I could make out from their conversations that he was not being easy. A while later I could hear him going 'ouch' a couple of times and then he says "Main 'ouch-ouch' kar raha hoon aur aap fir bhi karte ja rahe ho. Aap ruko aur mujhse poocho to ki kya hua?"


Swati said...

Ohh Man , this guy is too funny and too smart

PG said...

Cute, cute, cute! :)

Ruchika Indrayan said...

Oh my god! He gets me in splits everytime I read such incidents. I'm glad you posted these incidents.

Mystic Margarita said...

Lol! Can't find fault with his logic! (the one about buying stuff he can break!) Smart boy you have there! :)

Anonymous said...
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Nisha said...

LOL! In fact rolling on the floor laughing with tears streaming down my eyes... I just remembered some of the things that the brat does to amuse himself!

Angel... said...

Wow.. he is so funny and very cute

I enjoyed reading it

Monika said...

so cute... i am rolling in laughter and reading this i am waiting so much for my little one to grow up and start talking :)