Monday, April 21, 2008

Main kahan hoon?

Yesterday evening I took out old albums and started to sift through them since. Betu was sitting right next to me. It just so happened that the first album I opened was from our wedding. He got curious and started to point and name the people who he could recognise. After a pic or two he started to ask me where was he? When I told him that you were not there, he got mighty upset. He said "Aap mujhe akele chhod kar gaye the?". However much I tried to explain to him that he was not born that time, it didn't make a difference. He was not able to understand the funda of being born. He kept saying "Yeh sab gandi photo hain" and kept shoving the albums away and asked me to stop looking at them. So I took out the lone album that I have of him when he was barely a month young and told him that the little baby in the pictures is him when he was so little..a small baby! He was amused...quite amused. He kept asking "Main itnaa chhota tha?" Main tab diaper pahnta tha?"

Looking at pics of his Dadi-Dadu and Nanu playing and loving the little baby he asked "Sab mujhe bahut pyar karte the?"

Then I found an album from our trip to Pithoragarh(Uttarnchal) and told him that he was in Mumma's tummy that time. He had such a big questioning look on his face and said "Tummy mein? Main wahan kaise pahuncha?" I tried to tell him that "jab papa mummy did pyaree, you came in their tummy." I couldn't think of a better explanation and he also didn't buy the one I gave. He continued to be angry that we didn't take him along and left him behind.

And then he just wouldn't let me even touch an album. Just because he was not in them. And he kept clinging and hugging the album which had pics of him as a baby and said "Yeh meri hai. Baaki sab gandi hain":)


Stone said...


Swati said...

"jab papa mummy did pyaree, you came in their tummy."

You are too much ...hehheheheh..could have said something simple...
lucky that he did not dig in ..otherwise ...:P

PG said...

:) Yes, these questions are difficult. I've also had to face them, but luckily since Rishab has been meeting pregnant women in the last two years, for him it is normal. Yesterday Margot had come and I showed him her tummy and told him the baby is very small and is in there. Don't know if he really understands it.

For an explaination i think, you can tell him that when you get married, as I think he understands this -getting married- that Rishab does not, you get a pregnant with the baby in the tummy and it grows in there till it is old enough to come out. And then the baby is born!
Can't think of aynthing better.

brocasarea said...

lol..interesting...such questions sometimes cant be answered!!:)

Aryan said...

ahhh...good that he did nont ask more questions...

Mama - Mia said...


all parents face this, right??

my pals mom came up with a super solution! this kid was also around 4 and by then understood the concept of Zero!

so his naani tol him, you are not there because you were Zero years old!

and he did get convinced!!

lovely post as always!