Thursday, September 18, 2008

He is so funny!

Betu was watching Pink Panther cartoon. In the cartoon they were showing how pink panther was trying to help others but actually ended up worsening things.

So after watching 2-3 such fiasco's Betu: "woh karna kya chahta hai?"

(I had to control my laughter coz he had asked this in such a genuine tone)
Me: woh sabki help karna chahta hai.

Betu: fir woh sab gadbad kyun karta ja raha hai?

Me: Because he is not thinking before doing anything.

Betu: woh think kyun nahi kar raha?

Me: I don't know. Yeh to usi se poochhna padega.

Betu: (with his eyes wide open and questioning) us se? Usse kaise poochenge? Hum TV mein kaise jayenge?

Me: I don't know. Shayad woh budhhu hai isliye.

Betu: (very flustered now) budhhu?? aapko kuchh nahi pata.

And turned back to watch TV :)

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Preethi said...

aah the questions!! the story of my life!!

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha...
You know what ? He reminded me of my days. At my nanaji's place there was a baba adam zamane ka radio and I must be betu's age.

There were 2 tiny lights in radio which I thought of 2 small rooms. Whenever there was any announcement like 'now you listen to Lata Mangeshkar', I always used to think that all the singers must be waiting in one room & now it was her turn to go in other room to sing !! I was so fascinated that I actually tried to peep in many times to see those miniature singers. :D

Again name/url is missing from this blog. :( Yours is ok now.

SO commenting with google account. :S

Mama - Mia said...


we never can have satisfactory answers after an ge, can we?!



Subhashree said...

Lol :)

DotThoughts said...

lol.. its impossible to watch a cartoons with Chip too.. he just doesn't "get" them. Our sons are desinted to be problem solvers, I think :D

PG said...

so cute! Usko meri taraf se tight se pakad kar huggy de de. and puchchas too!

PG said...

hey NM, do something about this yellow coloured names of bloggers. Can't read them. :I