Thursday, December 18, 2008

He's growing up

As usual on our way back home after picking betu from daycare, we had stopped at the grocer to buy milk, bread etc. Today the shop was unusually crowded. As I was giving the order I suddenly heard Betu "aap excuse me to bol sakte ho!" in a bit of irritated and slightly loud voice. I got confused as to with whom he is talking. When I turned around I saw him looking at a lady with his brows knitted.

That lady smiled and said sorry. Its then that I could imagine what would have happened. Since the shop was crowded, she might have pushed past him.

Frankly I was quite amused. And happy. For he spoke up for himself. But at the same time I realised he was a bit rude. So I then itself told him that what he did was right but it would be good to say it softly.

It may actually be a very small incident but it made me quite happy that my lil boy is growing up good.

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Monika,Ansh said...

You r right. Kids are growing up & way to fast.

Swati said...


PG said...

I agree with Monika. They are way too smart these days.
Maybe I have a slight hint of how you felt. I do get to feel such things with Rishab every now ans then when he says such things which i don't expect of him and makes me realise too that he is growing up. :)

Mama - Mia said...

he is growing up VERY good! not jst good!