Monday, December 8, 2008

It begins early...

A recent conversation with Betu after I picked him from Daycare:

Me: Aapne kya kya kiya school mein aur daycare mein?
Betu: Kuchh Nahi (in quite a low/sad tone)

Me: Kyun? Kuchh to kiya hoga. masti kari hogi. Aapko mazaa aaya?
Betu: Nahi

Me: Kyun?
Betu: Mujhe Vrinda ne maara! (Vrinda is a 6 year old girl in his daycare)

Me: Aapne usko pareshaan kara kya?
Betu: Nahi. Main to usko bas kiss kar raha tha.

(His kisses are limited to cheek ones so far *wink*)

I had to really really control myself from laughing out hard. But I did laugh even though it was a suppressed laughter. And I was glad that Betu sits at the back seat and couldn't see me laughing else it would have hurt him more.

And at the same time I felt such a twinge of pain seeing how hurt he felt. There was this innocence and genuineness in his statement.

I gathered myself and told him that he should ask his friends if he can kiss them before doing so. I just didn't know what to tell him I definitely didn't want to tell him not to kiss because it would have meant its a bad thing which its not.

So again everybody. Any ideas on how to tackle this?


Swati said...


But I think you did a right thing :)

brocasarea said...

just pretend its an ordinary thing..he will loose interest...:)...

PG said...

I think that was just the right thing to say. Not more and not less, keep it to that.

Stone said...

Now I'm imagining him asking Vrinda if he can kiss her :-)

On a serious note.....I'm tongue-tied, no clue how to handle this.

Mama - Mia said...

i thinl you did a good job! :)



Monika,Ansh said...

I think u did the absolutely right thing. :)

Ruchika said...

That was funny :-) I'm sure he would have forgotten about it by now. You were right in not telling not to kiss anyone.