Wednesday, December 24, 2008

School Activities

Yesterday, Anirudh had to go dressed as any of the people who help us in our day to day lives. For e.g. Doctors, Postman etc.. I actually forgot totally about it till 8:30 PM the previous night. And then I just couldn't think of what to send him in as. I went to nearby shop, which was just about to close down, and bought the only available doctor set. It was pathetic quality-wise but did I have a choice?

Even though I bought it somehow I was not too game for using those stupid looking things which were to be called as a stethoscope, thermometer etc. Suddenly a bulb lit up in my head and I smacked myself for not thinking of such an easy yet a good option earlier. Why did I have to first waste those 100 rupees before this idea struck me. I decided I will send him as a "tailor". All I needed was a measuring tape, a scissor and a piece of cloth. And I surely had all of this.

So when I told him he shall be going as a tailor and not as a doctor, a lot of bawling and throwing tantrums happened. But somehow I managed to convince him about the uniqueness of it and he agreed. Now I had to make him remember few lines to speak. this is what I taught him - "I'm a tailor. I stitch clothes. This is the scissor and this is a measuring tape."

Although at home he recited them very well but I was quite doubtful if he would remember as I had taught him these sentences in the morning only.

Anyhow, when I picked him from daycare I asked him
Me: Did you do your tailor act in the class?
Betu: Yes

Me: How did it go?
Betu: Bahut achha

Me: What did you do?
Betu: Maine bola "I'm a tailor." Uske baad main bhool gaya isliye maine bola "Main phate huye kapde silta hoon".

Me: *trying to control laughter* Very good. What did Ma'm say?
Betu: Unhone bola "Good".

I was infact amazed at how he got this idea of "phate kapde silta hoon". And I think it was quite creative and spontaneous of him to come up with soemthing like this.

Later on asking who all had come as what, I figured only 60% of the kids came dressed as various helpers. Out of those 60% of the children, 90% came as doctors, one came as a teacher, one as a barber, one as a postman and he as a tailor.

So I used this to tell him "See. I told you everyone will come as doctors. No one else came as a tailor. You were special." A big grin came on his face hearing the word "special". :D


Swati said...

He sure is very innovative :)

PG said...

wow! a good idea and the convincing part. Sometimes it is required. One could take an example from you. You actually made him learn somethign , the whole reason behind the thing.
wonderful! i told you, he#s a smart boy! I had a good laugh listening to his explanation though. Puchchas from mausi :)

Monika said...

pictures please

Naveen said...

Maine bola "I'm a tailor." Uske baad main bhool gaya isliye maine bola "Main phate huye kapde silta hoon".

CHOOOOOOOOOO CHWEEEEEEEEETT... falling off the chair laughing... But really shows the creativity .. :)