Thursday, February 25, 2010

School activties

Every year Betu's school organises "Open Day" where the kids do various activities such as enact stories in the form of skits, sing songs and rhymes, do some word building activities and basically have fun. Last year betu was the giraffe in the "Little blue elephant" story. This year he was the troll from the "Three Billy Goats".

The school organises this open day for pre-primary kids in the open grounds, under the sun during the light wintry days. Each class takes a corner and show their activities there. Its good fun for the kids as well as for the parents.

Here are some pictures from the day -

With his entire class and the class teacher - Sharbani Ma'm

His play "Three Billy Goats"

Singing the song "B I N G O"

Working on a word puzzle


MindfulMeanderer said...

Award for u

Emaan said...

hey anirudh buddy ! how have u been ??
wat fabulous pics..and u look really handsome too ! seems like u had loads of fun !