Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dadu - Dadi and Betu!

Anirudh adores his grandparents completely. I guess any grandchild will do the way they shower their love on him.

And he used to take full advantage of it and twist them around to his whims and fancies and they would agree to whatever he wanted (mostly unless it was really wrong). If Dadu is watching some news channel and Betu comes in saying "Ab mera TV time hai!", Dadu would promptly change the channel to his cartoon channel. If Betu demanded that they play with him, they would. So whatever was the demand of Betu it would be fulfilled. Betu had such a great time in the 9-10 days that his Dadu-Dadi were here.

When it was time for them to go, a day before I started telling him that Dadu-Dadi will go back to Jaipur tomorrow. But he would have nothing of that and will say he will also go with them. The morning they were to leave, again we tried to tell him that they have to go and he can't go. So out comes such an innocent yet so strong a comment from him "Woh chhote bachhe ko chhod kar kaise jayenge!" (How can they go leaving a small child behind?) :D

We all were so dumbstruck at his wittiness. Finally when we were in the car and we had to drop him at his school first, we told him "Dadu Dadi kaam se jaa rahein hain". And that did the trick and he said "Office ja rahe ho?Kaam karke aa jayoge?" Sadly but Dadu-Dadi had to lie and say yes that they will come back.

In the evening, when he didn't find Dadu-Dadi at home, he said in such a matter of factly manner "Dadu-Dadi kaam se gaye hain Jaipur? Hum bhi jayenge thode din mein?" And I just smiled and said yes.


PG said...

He is such a darling! I know, it is hard. Not only for the child, but for parents as well.

DotMom said...

omg. that must have been so heart breaking. it's reallly sad. I have been telling Chip his dadi is going to leave this weekend and he keeps inststing he wants to go with her... sigh.