Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Having a gala time!

Betu's Dadi-Dadu are here and he's having the most wonderful time he could have ever wanted. With so much pampering going around, we sure are going to have a tough time when they will have to leave. He knows he has got a weapon that has given him powers to use on us-parents and twist us around his fingers even more easily than before. We scold him and a prompt response will come from him "Dadu aapki pitti karenge!" (Granpa will give you a good one).

And sometimes he will even threaten to leave us and leave with Dadu-Dadi to Jaipur :D

Every morning and evenings he goes along with them for the walks. He will take along a bat-ball or a flying disc or a soccer ball and have a good time with them in the park.

When we saw him so having fun with them we thought Alas some us-time for me and DH!" But I guess we said it too soon! When its sleep time, it has to be with Mumma or Papa!


Stone said...

hmm....hmmmmm.... ;-)

Parul said...

LOL@ "Dadu aapki pitti karenge!" he is playing his cards right, eh?

Swati said...

Hahahha..I empathize :D

WhatsInAName said...

How do they guess it, man?

~nm said...

Swati : Soon there would be someone empathising with you when Aryan is playing the same cards on you. :D

WIAN: Yes. Exactly my question "HOW??"