Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Humka, Humki, Humke...

No, these are neither code words nor are they words from some tribal language :) These are the words that Anirudh uses and which are supposed to mean "Humara, Humari, Humare" respectively! :D

I've taught him the right words and he has learnt them as well but Humka, Humki and Humke come to him first. Probably because he learnt these words first. So how he uses them in sentences is -

Yeh humka ghar hai? (Correct - Yeh hamara ghar hai?)
Yeh humki car hai? (Correct - Yeh hamari car hai?)
Woh humke ghar chalega? (Correct - Woh hamare ghar chalega?)

I'm sure you would have gotten the drift now :)

It sure makes us laugh and I wonder where he picked these twisted distorted versions from. But then as a habit I always try and correct him. So whenever he uses these wrong words I just have to say "What??" and he will slowly say it again with the correct usage.


Kodi's Mom said...

the way he says it is logically correct, is it not?! very funny!

Swati said...

Humka Bachuda thik bolat raha

~nm said...

Kodi's Mom and Swati : Of course he's correct! Woh kabhi galat nahi ho sakta! :D

Suki said...

Hee hee. If it's "anirudh ka ghar", why shouldn't it be "humka ghar"? :D

Language is confusing, I tell you!
(at least he gets the gender right! I still can't do that!)